I’ve been know to write plays, on occasion.

Peruse the samples of the full length plays at your leisure; contact me if you’d like to read the rest.

Do what thou wilt with the ten minute plays.

Full Length

Down the Rocky Road and All the Way to Bedlam

1M, 3F-

In a cyberpunk vision of the future, a robotic girl named Zelazny, built to care for her maker’s dying daughter, struggles to understand her own evolution. She defies her maker for the first time to bring home the closest analogue to a mother she has. She illogically panics when her maker refuses to say that he loves her. She even kills the girl she was built to care for in a fit of jealous rage. All human actions driven by human emotion, yet completely alien to Zelazny’s programming.

As she grapples with her theoretically impossible emotions, her broken family desperately tries to pick up the pieces and move forward. A dying daughter, a father who understands ones and zeroes but can’t cope with the messiness of humanity, and a mother who returns after being exiled from the family for her suicidal tendencies. Can a family be repaired like a machine?

Here’s a sample, if you’re interested.


4M, 2F- After being stood up by some jackass, Merrill retreats to the solace of her friend Steve’s apartment only to intrude on the sacred friday night ritual of Dungeons & Dragons. Rather than shunning the non-gamer, Steve and the gang embrace her with open arms, drawing her into their tabletop quest to stop the evil Lycraf from doing some stuff they’d rather he not do. The group struggles to embrace the newcomer, as Merrill’s presence ignites some nasty tensions between the players, inside of the game and out. Directed by the ever watchful and very biased eye of Gideon, the game master, Merrill learns what it means to be an elven druid, a gamer, and a hero, though not necessarily in that order.

Intrigued? Read the first fourteen pages!

Ten Minute

Everyone is Steve!

2M, 2F- A man tries to build up the courage to talk to the pretty girl across the bar, assisted (?) by the voices in his head- which have assumed the forms of Charlotte and Emily Bronte, and HUNTER S. THOMPSON!

Mortal Audit

1F, 1 M or F- A young woman comes home to a startling revelation- someone’s broken into her apartment with a job to do. Heaven’s rolling out sin audits, and they’ve been outsourced to Sinclair Sinclair, of the Law Firm Sinclair Sinclair and more Sinclair.

The Art of Darkness

1M, 1 M or F- Conrad wants the girl. There is an obstacle between Conrad and the Girl. Conrad enlists the help of Kafka. Things go badly, hilarity ensues.

Two Options

2M, 2F- A riff on Annie. Kate and Pepper, still at the orphanage after Annie’s been adopted, summon the forces of hell to take their revenge. Instead, they get Josh, the worst demon ever.

Welcome Home! (Now Please Leave!)

1M, 1F- Rachel returns home after a long absence to discover that her family thinks she’s dead, and it’s all Jared’s fault.